about  #BitcoinJustUseIt

You don’t have to be a bitcoin expert to be a bitcoin user

We are delivering the bitcoin economy,

one bitcoin user at  a time.


We are connecting buyers and sellers. We are building the bitcoin economy by linking bitcoin users with retail merchants, service providers, independent contractors, charities and assorted organizations that will accept bitcoin.

Can’t find the item or service you want? Individuals wishing to purchase any item or service and pay with bitcoin can submit their requests for public view.

We will have restrictions on what type of items can be sold and what type of requests can be made.

We only re-post information provided to us by merchants, service providers and individuals. We do not warrant any aspect of the service we provide. We do not warrant  the accuracy of the product, service or contact information, the products we list, the persons or companies we list, the services we list, the personsindividulesaies . Please see our legal page.

This is a free service that will have premium accounts.

Are you wishing to use bitcoin to pay for an item but cannot find a merchant? Talk to us about our unique One Time Transaction Program. Our Transaction Managers can arrange large value purchases – more than USD$5,000.00 –  with merchants or individuals who traditionally do not accept bitcoin but who may on a one-time basis depending on circumstances. All merchants in our One Time Transaction Program are subject to all AML/KYC (Anti-Money Laundering / Know Your Customer) requirements and any efforts on our part to manage requests will be guided by local laws.

For more information about our One Time Transaction Program, connect with us using keybase.io/ott_btcjustuseit send to SayHello@BitcoinJustUse.it

If you prefer to send us your details in a secure message, send to:  btc_ott@protonmail.com using ProtonMail

Do not send OTT Program requests to our regular email address.

Let us be clear, we do not sell or buy bitcoin.


We are developing a worldwide network of buyers and sellers who transact in bitcoin.

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*No private merchandise sales and not all services accepted. We do not arrange the purchase of illegal goods or services. We do not sell bitcoin.